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Discover what makes “EURODENTICA – Specialized Dental Care” your first choice for Dental Health Services in Greece.

EURODENTICA is a private dental care clinic located in the center of Athens which, was established in 1978 under the name of “Pedodontics of Athens”, and has treated dental cases of approximately 40,000 children and people with special needs. In 1998 it was renamed “EuroDentica S.A. – Specialized Dental Care”. What characterizes and differentiates EURODENTICA is the implementation of the pioneering concept of the clinical environment.

This initially translates into an elegant building, of discreet luxury and style, where decorative details aim to create an atmosphere of intimacy, tranquility and security.  At EURODENTICA, it is of utmost importance that our services are tailored to the unique, individual needs of each patient. We are committed to the optimum oral health of every patient by offering high quality medical and nursing care in an environment that is warm, elegant and of refined luxury that conveys security and confidence. 

To achieve this entails the recruitment of elite medical teams, the implementation of high-quality medical technology, and the use of cutting-edge equipment.

In this context, we stay up to date on all developments in dentistry and adopt innovative applications and methods with proven significant clinical results.

Professional services combined with the warmth of personal approach/contact, is our proposition and life attitude at “EURODENTICA – Specialized Dental Care”.

Our Services

Dentistry in our clinic is provided by a team of Specialized Dentists who have a 3 year postgraduate education in one of eight different specialties so on the same day our patient can be treated by 2-3 Specialized Dentists. This combined and integrated treatment plan for our patients is provided by the collaboration of 4-5 different dental specialties.

We have decades of experience in providing dental care for people with dental phobia and we have an understanding, sensitive approach to our patients, when they are treated under sedation, by the support of an Anesthesiologist.  

Highly specialized dermatological treatment is also provided by Aesthetic Surgeons, on a weekly basis, in order to assure the safety and the highest standard of the holistic evaluation of our patient’s maxillofacial outline.

Our Dental Clinic is certified by TEMOS providing a seal of trust for the patients’ safety in combination with the highest standards of Dental Care provided by external and internal educators. The continuous education of our Dental Assistants and Secretaries, on a monthly basis, accomplishes not only the requirements of TEMOS but also our Board’s vision with regards to behavioral culture and quality service towards our patients.


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