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In the treatment of orthodontic defects the age of the child plays an important role as well as, the appropriate therapy that will be applied.  At EuroDentica – Specialized Dental Care the orthodontic therapy is delivered on time and completed on average within the 18-month period. The young patients acquire a special and close relationship with their orthodontist, and share the common goal for a beautiful smile, a symmetric profile and a healthy mouth. The cooperation of the orthodontist with the pediatric dentist is important for the successful completion of the therapy. Therefore, prior to the initiation of orthodontic therapy, possible caries are treated and the patient is not only trained in complete oral homecare but also introduced to maintaining a consistent attitude towards preventive dentistry.


Why Orthodontics for adults?


Look at your smile. Your smile is the most important feature on your face. Look in the mirror. Are you happy with your smile now? Does your smile look as good as it did when you were younger? Orthodontics in adults is now a reality through the use of cosmetic orthodontic means. The porcelain brackets as well as the latest technique – the invisalign system, make orthodontics for adults a very attractive, promising procedure towards correct function as well as superb aesthetic appearance.  Eurodentica’s Orthodontist Dr. Kailoglou, is certified in this technique and has already successfully completed a number of treatments with excellent results.


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